Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Painting Much

I stopped in at Artists of Grace to chat and leave title cards. I saw my crucifixion painting, but could not work on it because I had a choir commitment. I have a covered bridge watercolor at home that needs more work, but had to work on taxes instead.

Installed New CS software

The software cost a bundle. I need to work with the web stuff to see if I can make a little money on the side.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Computer Crap

Well, I have to let my hostility bleed off. My son helped me understand what my networking problem was. I did not know that each ethernet card has to have an ip. I thought it was each device.

Computer Crap

I bought the mac 10.6.2 system and now my printer does not work!#@%$&**%#

Crucifixion Emerging

I didn't go to Artists of Grace this past week because Tuesday was incredibly cold and Saturday morning I went to the Butterfly House with my grandchildren and my son and daughter. I need to work on the head and I took a picture of my head with the mac computer camera down low. I need to see what happens from that angle. There I saw that the chin should be a lot bigger. I had the underside of the chin, but need more above the jaw bone, I think. The cheeks are not quite right either. The background is done and the body, but the face is just not right somehow. I hope I can get it to the point that it works for me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Revisiting Subject Matter

This is a repainting of the owl picture. A birdwatcher came into the gallery while I was painting it and advised me that it was too big for the screech owl. Actually Ginger warned me that the owl in the photo looked larger than he was. I still like this painting better than the first owl.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dance Concert at Webster University

I went to a dance concert at Webster University with my friend Yolonda (Judy) Diaz. We went to eat at The Fountain on Locust first. I enjoyed the concert. I like modern dance--different moves--interesting lighting a variety of costumes. Themes of alienation, loss and conflict.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interesting Video

A friend put this on her facebook. I think it is strong and interesting. I think it is about a soldier and his commander, but I don't understand all the words. My Spanish is limited.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Ate the Still Life

I had made some bran muffins and hard boiled eggs for lunch. Then I got interested in the eggs and decided to set up a still life with the eggs and muffins. Then I saw the jar of honey with light coming through. I was going to eat the grapefruit too so I put it in the composition and then thought it would be more interesting cut. I took photos and then ate the still life for lunch. I am watching the gallery tomorrow, so I will take the digital photos on my computer so I have something to paint. We shall see if I get the light coming through honey, the soft shading on the eggs, the shine on the pottery and the juice on the grapefruit sections. I see it all, but can I paint it.