Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Morning

I did get up and paint what I saw out the window. I needn't have taken coffee and breakfast up to my room because I could paint without it. I did drink the coffee and eat kolachky and contemplate the painting though. I made a few additions after contemplation. . . told myself to stop. An impression is something quick. . . Don't work it over or it will be gone. Sitting with the coffee, I saw another painting from a different angle out the window, but did not have another easel set up. Wait a bit you can do it later. Heavy snow was blowing and patterns of branches were interesting. I looked out later and it was all changed blowing snow that had obsured some branches and buildings was gone and the sun was up higher. The whole impression was gone. Now I could see other buildings instead of the emphasis on branches that the snow gave. I did not realize the impression could be gone so quickly. I have a porchade box to store wet paintings. I should have taken the first one off, put it in the box and quickly started the second one. I have learned, but that impression may never be seen again.

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  1. Some people take photos of a work done from life so that they can work more in the studio, but these impressions do not work well that way for me. The light and color are not the same and the photos do not inspire me the same way.